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To make the decision process easier, we concluded in 5 reasons what makes us clealry stand out from other providers:


We are a carrier with more than 20 years of experience in the tele communication field. We combine tradition and innovation and operate as a quick, dynamic and flexible company. Our customers benefit from our huge number pool and stock of service numbers and landline numbers, consisting of numbers from all 5200 prefix areas, and that we can quickly generate new ones for you. This results in a price advantage as we do not need to purchase numbers externally.

Our motto is to ensure quick decision making, and short processes. Nowadays, it is crucial for a company to ensure the safety of data. And we do follow general data protection regulations (GDPR). Moreover, we are obliged to the telecommunications law. Your benefit here is that we don’t need an order processing agreement for Call Tracking.

More information can be found here.

Software Developer

We are a tech company. Our in-house developed solution surface iMos® is seamlessly integrable in all interfaces, no matter if it’s  CRM, BI or Analytics Systems. In close cooperation with our customers, we work on projects and if needed, we can adjust our solution based software individually to your demands. Every customer solution is just like a fitted suit.


Our dedicated Solution Manager will be available for you needs. We take consulting and support to our heart, however we still Gove our customers the freedom and full flexibility to create their own reports and to use other “Self-Admin” functionalities within our iMos Software. Of course, maintenance and usage of the iMos will be provided free of charge.

Our support guarantees a consistent SLA of +99%, as we set ourselves the highest quality standards in cooperation with our customers. We act as an active sparring partner - instead of being a pure supplier! Learn more about our services


It is important to remain flexible and transparent in an environment that is dynamic. That is the reason why our contract terms reflect flexibility and full on transparency of our costs. The prices for the individual packages per each service are publicly available on our website and can be requested at any time.

Our contracts don’t have a minimum duration, pur principle is “Pay Per Use”. This means that  our customers only pay once the service was indeed used.

Following costs are being completely removed in cooperation with us: Set Up charges, licensing charges, as well as costs per number.

Warum Call Tracking bei Multiconnect?


Marktführendes Tel-Ko-SaaS-Unternehmen mit internationalem Anspruch und Bluechip-Kunden.


Unsere Lösungen können stand-alone betrieben werden oder in CRM-Systemen eingebettet sein.


Wir lösen individuelle Anforderungen und bieten das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.

MUC Call Tracking

Die Customer Journey wird on- & offline dem Agenten in Echtzeit transparent dargetellt.

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